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What does it mean to create an atmosphere in a wedding venue?

Posted on Fri October 13, 2017 in Wedding Venues.

Contrary to what some venue owners might have you think, “Accommodates 100 people” doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put a hundred people in the venue. Some venues might be built or decorated in a way that makes it feel overcrowded even though there is ample space. In the same way, even the smallest of venues can sometimes feel empty or cold. These types of setups can leave your guests feeling uncomfortable or awkward on a subconscious level and you might find them wandering outside “for a cigarette” far too frequently.

Very often the perception of size is a lot more important than the actual size of a venue. You can influence people’s perception of size and even their mood by creating a certain atmosphere. To get the atmosphere of a venue right, you have to think about things like lighting, decor, dividers, the height of the ceiling, the type of windows, the outside areas and how you can use all of those things to create a specific atmosphere.

At Monte Bello, we have many years of experience in creating different kinds of atmospheres. We spend time with our clients to fully understand the feeling they want to create and then we do our best to bring it to life. Whether you want a small, intimate gathering or a grand event for hundreds of people, let our experienced banqueting team work with you to create the perfect atmosphere in the perfect venue.

Our venues and their atmospheres

Piccola – Something old and something new

For an intimate experience with those special people in your inner circle, why not make use of our Piccola Venue Hall? When we renovated this old barn we wanted to create a light, modern ambience while preserving the rustic farm feeling. We carefully restored all the special barn elements and added soft white colours, warm natural light and crystal chandeliers to give it a light, airy feeling. This airy feeling, combined with our strategic use of white chairs interspersed with low benches, creates a sense of space in what would previously have felt like a small venue. Find out more about Piccola here.

Vista  – The open-air feeling

If you’re planning on inviting between 120 and 160 guests and you’d like to create that large, open-air feeling, our Vista Reception Hall will take your breath away. Imagine walking into a venue that has windows and doors covering one entire side. Open the doors and let your ceremony and your outside chill area become one. Give your guests that airy feeling and the freedom to move between your elegant banquet and the beautiful views outside. It’s a great way to balance out the formal celebrations with a more relaxed atmosphere under the starry night sky. Find out more about Vista here.

Vecchia – Getting creative on a grand scale

The size and customizable nature of our Vecchia Hall make it a favourite among large wedding parties. Even if you don’t have 600 guests (yes that is the size of it) a wonderfully large space like this invites you to get creative with different kinds of areas. What if you added a lounge area with couches, a stage for the band, or a photo corner with a gorgeous backdrop? Anything is possible with a venue of this size combined with Monte Bello’s expert use of platforms, dividers, plants and decor to create more spaces. Find out more about Vecchia here.

No matter what size of venue you are looking for or what kind of atmosphere you want to create, our professional banqueting team is at your service to turn any of our fabulous halls into the wedding venue of your dreams. And if we’ve made the choice a difficult one, remember, you can always combine venues to get the best of three worlds.

Book your perfect wedding venue with us now and let us host your guests at our Albergo Lodge guesthouse. Also, have a look at our special offers tab on the right side of our website.