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Get married in one of the most unique open-air chapels in the Free State – our Maze Chapel

Posted on Mon April 30, 2018 in Wedding Venues.

With 360-degree views of our country estate and a beautiful symbolic meaning behind it, our Maze Chapel is one of the most unique open-air chapels in the Free State. This stunning chapel can help you tell the story of your journey together in a very special way.

If you like the idea of getting married outdoors and somewhere with a view, you’ll love the convenience of our Maze Chapel. Not only does this unique venue have beautiful 360-degree views of our country estate, it is also covered with a beautiful Victorian-styled roof with chandelier, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.


Our Maze Chapel is built on a large circular platform with another small, rectangular platform attached to it. Spiralling out from the chapel is a network of maze paths lined with bushes and trees. A wide brick pathway to the chapel serves as a stunning outdoor aisle to your open-air chapel. With such a variety of spaces, it is very easy to get creative and to have the outdoor ceremony of your dreams.


Seating for 150 – 200 guests

For a wedding of about 150 people, your guests can be seated in the chapel, with you saying your vows on the attached platform. If you have more guests than that – or you prefer to have the maze as part of your seating arrangement –  your guests can sit in the pathways of the maze that circle out from the chapel – putting you at centre stage.

The symbolism behind the Maze Chapel

The Maze Chapel can mean different things to different people and so you can use it in a way that suits your unique story. Some couples say that it symbolises their separate journeys through life, leading up to this point, where they will get married at the centre of the maze. Others see it as symbolic of their future together. From the moment they say, “I do”, their journey through the maze of life starts and they walk it together. If you decide to seat your guests in the pathways of the maze, it could be a beautiful way to symbolise their involvement along your journey together.

Whichever way you choose to see your Maze Chapel ceremony, you’ll be surrounded by the people you love in a beautiful countryside setting, and you’ll have the outdoor ceremony of your dreams. Of course, the ceremony is only one part of your wedding day.

For your reception, we have a choice of three different venues

Our Piccola reception hall is a renovated old barn, but through those large wooden doors, you won’t find anything old. Only an elegant and intimate space decorated to your specifications.


The newly-built Vista reception hall will be the perfect accompaniment for anyone wishing to keep the outdoors theme for their wedding. This spectacular modern reception hall with its warm natural light streaming in from the large windows and doors is a fantastic choice for those stunning spring and summer days.


If you’re looking for a more cosy feel – without compromising on space – our Vecchia venue is the perfect option for you. This beautiful reception hall with its French doors and fireplaces makes for a stunning country-style wedding.

If you’d like to find out more about our wonderful Maze Chapel and the various reception halls that you could pair with it, contact us at +27 72 405 2257 of read more here.